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E-shops have become an essential channel for distributing goods for any retail or B2B business. Proliferation of wireless mobile devices has made consumers more powerful in making their purchase decisions. This has changed the potency of e-commerce from a mere channel into feature that represents your business.



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Our commerce solution built with the idea that ecommerce is no longer a standalone channel but a core capability for retail and B2B businesses. It unifies your ecommerce software with core

Unified Ecommerce

E-commerce as a function is knotted to geography, business sectors, product categories, real-virtual presence and lot of other diverse end points for a transaction to happen. An e-commerce solution that juxtaposes different dimensions for driving a purchase is the one that builds customer loyalty. We work towards creating that unified e-commerce experience for your customer to come back.

Distributed Order Management

The Unified e-commerce experience is made unique while attending to all exclusive visitor needs. The solution comes with order management intelligence to integrate cross-channel capabilities. To deliver the best shopping experience, distributed order management capability serves as a primary order management system, responding to queries from multiple channels in varied forms.

Access From Any Device

Proliferation of wireless mobile devices has created a compelling need to have a responsive UI that fits a window of any size and with any operating system. Consumer choice of device to access products cannot be determined but the experience could be standardized across gadgets and media.

Inventory Insight

Identifying the best performing and the most trending product on your e-commerce site would be the best first-hand source of aggregating consumer trends. Inventory insights not only alarm the supplier and inform the consumer about the goods available for purchase but they also help in listening to ‘what the customer wants’.

Customer Communication

A feedback form, a review statement or a unique widget to hear your customer thoughts and concerns bridges the vacuum emerged out of your virtual presence. Our e-commerce solution helps to build engagement and necessary rapport with customers to make better purchase decisions on your e-store.

Our Process

Our commerce solution built with the idea that ecommerce is no longer a standalone channel but a
core capability for retail and B2B businesses. It unifies your ecommerce software with core


  • 1.Concept
  • 2.Design
  • 3.Develop
  • 4.Implement
  • 5.Support

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    Complex mind maps need a detailed approach and integration of several factors. This step develops the concepts that define the scope, need and limitations in creating the solution. We evaluate alternatives and bring out the best combination of elements to deliver enterprise and customer solutions.

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    Design brings further definition to the flow within the system. This step integrates usability with the look and feel of the product. We define the need, prepare the theme, create the layout, map it to response and build the design. This step focuses on the details to avoid loose ends in the output.

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    While the foundation is set in the preceding steps, this level handles implementation of structure and processes for the solution to function smoothly. The flow within the systems is resolved with the help of appropriate technology and forethought. This stage is robust to ensure smooth transition to the next, most important phase.

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    Implementation sounds easy and we truly make it easy for our customers as we extend implementation at the customer- end as a part of our service. This helps quick installation of the solution and hassle free transition for development to usage. This step includes testing to identify gaps, if any and to resolve them before launch.

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    After implementation, to maintain the solution on a sustained mode, we extend continuous support. Through an extended support system we intend to provide quick and agile solutions while ensuring that the end-user experience is kept impact. When necessary, this step circles back to concept development and implementation without losing the flow.

Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community.

Meg Whitman, CEO of HP

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