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Supercharge Sales
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Financial Management


Collaborate financial and ERP capabilities to discover your potential to the fullest

A complete financial suite that has been integrated into various business processes and functions provides immense opportunity for better performance. What we offer is even more than that, we make such valuable information accessible on the cloud bringing it closer to the corporate governance norms.

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With the charm of cloud, access key
financial data from anywhere, anytime.
Perform multiple tasks, leveraging time

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Curate data to drive decisions

Dashboards and reports allow you to
take well calculated decisions
through organized and curated data.

A cloud financial management system
allows you to make optimal use of the
money you spend.

Multi-access and multi-tasking
Pay for the value


We also Offer


Transforming solutions to best leverage your financial resources.



Directs Cross functional teams to boost your complete business performance

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Operational Excellence

• Provides quick and steady access to real time information
• Streamlines order to cash and procure to pay processes
• Shortens day sales outstanding with automated billing and
collection management
• Helps prepare viable couponing and discounts based on the
dynamic information available on the cloud

Strategic Direction

• Helps monitor and improve business performance
• Accelerates financial close and improves revenue recognition processes
• Ensures accountability and compliance with comprehensive, auditable accounting
• Customizes software to meet your exact needs

Performance Propeller

IT Integration

• Reduces IT costs and complexity
• Anytime, anywhere access to critical information
• Seamlessly integrates with order management, inventory,
CRM and Ecommerce function
• Generate more savings when compared to on-premise software

• Improve business performance with real-time metrics and
role-based dashboards
• Eliminates errors and streamlines processes with seamless integration between
financials, CRM and Ecommerce
• Facilitates marketing decisions by monitoring information about Sales vs Revenues
• Leverage the power of integrated, flexible mobile
• Provides strong expense management, offers streamlined and
auditable revenue management


Key Features


Financial Management

  • Gain complete visibility into payables and receivables with real time access to invoices and bills
  • Reduce paperwork and improve efficiency all through your financial processes
  • Integrate and streamline accounting and financial systems across your Organisation
  • Automate allocations, currency management tools and other financial flow.




  • Recognize revenue according to customer contracts and ensure accounting control in accordance with various International Accounting Standards
  • Reduce the burden of reconciliation by using financial systems that do not need sub-ledgers
  • Simplify process and prepare automated MIS
  • Adhere to strong financial compliance

Fixed Asset Management

  • Easily track and manage different company assets including depreciation and non-depreciation
  • Supports all standard depreciation methods and unlimited custom depreciation methods
  • Integration of Depreciation and asset retirements with all accounts
  • Comprehensive reporting across various assets, valuation, depreciation



Payment Management

  • Provides a wide variety of payment options for your customers to choose from
  • Streamlined and integrated order-to-payment and payment-to-reconciliation processes
  • Safe and secure processing with full PCI compliance and inbuilt, sophisticated credit card fraud prevention tools.

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Business integration and cross functional collaboration has been implemented by our team effortlessly to propel an Enterprise performance.


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