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Mobile Enterprise Solutions

Package your entire business enterprise into wireless mobile devices while decreasing gaps between business functions and the expected output. Seamlessly translate your business into mobile applications for your employees to trend towards better productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

Mobile Strategy

Developing features and devising solutions based on how your customers use mobile devices is your strategic task of honor. Our passion is your strategy. Integrating mobile applications across different mobile platforms to calibrate your mobile strategy to your customers as a seamless story they enjoy



Native App Developement

Customization @ mobile device, for cross- permeation and creative presence of your brand or product. We enhance the utility and productivity of native apps to develop mobile apps that befit your business needs and consumer demands. Native app development as a process is designed to score technology solutions for business gaps.

Mobile Design

Design adds structure, purpose and meaning to the framework of your solution or application. We add design to your business while sharing mobile solutions. Mobile enforces simplicity and brevity. Designs that align to these principles evolve from mere structures to great experiences. We have mastered this concept.



Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce has reduced layers of transaction between the consumer and the seller. Transactions and purchase decisions are driven by impulse and intuition. Wireless mobile devices capture these synapses of a consumer to lead that into a conversion. We facilitate such essential commerce for businesses to capture determining moments over various mobile devices.


Our Approach



Our commerce solution built with the idea that ecommerce is no longer a standalone channel but a
core capability for retail and B2B businesses. It unifies your ecommerce software with core


  • 1.Concept
  • 2.Design
  • 3.Develop
  • 4.Implement
  • 5.Support

  • horcontent

    Smart shoppers use smartphones to implement smart decisions which require you to create smart mobile device solutions for design, applications and expanding it to enterprise and trade. We understand the customer touch points and create a structured process for utility to align with strategy.

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    The concept is manifested through design where engagement centers are marked to make the best out of the device. We define the need, prepare the theme, create the layout, map it to response and build the design. This step focuses on the details to avoid loose ends in the output.

  • horcontent

    While the foundation is set in the preceding steps, this level handles implementation of structure and processes for the solution to function smoothly. The flow within the systems is resolved with the help of appropriate technology and forethought. This stage is robust to ensure smooth transition to the next, most important phase.

  • horcontent

    Implementation sounds easy and we truly make it easy for our customers as we extend implementation at the customer- end as a part of our service. This helps quick installation of the solution and hassle free transition for development to usage. This step includes testing to identify gaps, if any and to resolve them before launch.

  • horcontent

    After implementation, to maintain the solution on a sustained mode, we extend continuous support. Through an extended support system we intend to provide quick and agile solutions while ensuring that the end-user experience is kept impact. When necessary, this step circles back to concept development and implementation without losing the flow.

I can’t overstate how mobile is changing how we interact with our consumers;
we have to embrace these changes.

Joel Anderson, CEO of Walmart

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