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Our Innovative Products & Solutions
We Love NetSuite. Here are some unique solutions that we have built for different industries

Kite Scheduling App

A complete Employee Scheduling app to manage rosters by location, office, department etc 


Umbrella Event Mgmt App

An Event Management App to run and manage events, shows etc 


SmartSchool App

An end to end solution for managing Schools, Colleges & Universities


Rubik People

A Modern HR & Payroll App - For Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Dubai. Works completely on your NetSuite Account.


Rubik PMS App

An end to end solution for property management companies to manage real estate project Sales & Leasing Process


Rubik FMS App

An unified solution for managing and maintenance of properties such as Apartments, Condos, Villas and Commercial Buildings


Rubik T & A

A Smart Time & Attendance solution to manage employee Check In & Outs via Mobile & Web. See real time view of employee attendance. 


Umbrella Venue Mgmt App

Powerful Venue & Convention Center app to run Events, Booking Rooms, F & B, Rentals, Media, Sell Packages etc 


Kite Appointment App

A beautiful solution for managing the Appointments, POS for Clinics, Beauty & Spa, Saloons and other similar businesses



How Can We Help You?.

We are a NetSuite Powerhouse

More than 40,000 Organizations and Subsidiaries Worldwide...and Still Growing

  • Companies Worldwide Manage Their Business with NetSuite
  • One System For Your Entire Company
  • Software That Grows With You
  • Eliminate IT Maintenance and Upgrade Costs
  • Better Decisions Faster

We Are Here To Help You. Contact Us

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We Are Here To Help You. Contact Us

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We are a NetSuite Powerhouse

We are a NetSuite Powerhouse

We Are Here To Help You. Contact Us

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We Are Here To Help You. Contact Us

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We are a NetSuite Powerhouse

What do we offer ?
An Unified & Powerpacked NetSuite Solution To Run Your Business, Users, Departments.

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One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce running more than 40,000 organizations. Want to join the elite list ?




Watch how our clients benefit from CuriousRubik & NetSuite.

Your Trusted NetSuite SDN Partner. Assuring Guranteed Success For Your ERP Rollout  

Why work with CuriousRubik. Your Oracle NetSuite SDN Partner

Our explorative mindset has brought together a strong team of creative logical thinkers. Our passion to crack the unknown and to deliver the best strives to attract similar people to work with.


problem solvers.svg

Problem Solvers

Curious Rubik has emerged as a team of problem lovers because we strive to provide the best solution for a unique problem. Complexities prepare us for challenges and technology drives us to set higher targets. For us a Rubik is not a problem, it is a solution.

Logical Thinkers.svg

Logical Thinkers

Creative solutions emerge out of an invisible set of sequence and reasoning. Apart from being problem solvers we attend to the reasoning and logical thought process that supports efficient output. Our effort to lay objectives for a project steers us to think in a focused direction to capture multi- dimensional goals.

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Driven By Results

We measure our efforts by progress, efficiency and effectiveness. A project that cannot be measured serves on purpose and adds little value to a business vision. We strive to realize your goals with our goals. Integration and alignment of objectives as a process instill a result oriented approach within our team

meticulously crafted.svg

Meticulously Crafted

Members at our team are chosen by themselves to work with us than we choosing them. This arrangement is meticulously crafted by the self- driven passion for what we do. People components are imbued in the process for technology to perform at its best.



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Mindful & Soul

Our work is guided by the principle of pleasing ourselves by what pleases others. Our appeal is in associating with perfection and building state-of art solutions for enterprises. The team at Curious Rubik believes in Mindful thinking and Soulful living.



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Attention To Details

Magnificence is an output of multiple, micro details that come together to create a solution. Such solution is crafted by our team while we deliver quick-fix to business solutions using technology and business intelligence. We believe and work by the philosophy that small things cast a cascading influence when we are addicted to create great solutions. 




Global 10 Program


The Global10 is a Curiousrubik initiative, where we take 6 companies per year and consult them to reach new heights with their businesses. We dont just consult here but advice, act and implement the proposed solutions



Oracle NetSuite. Best in class solution for every business

Each Industry comes with a different set of problems which need a unique set of problem solvers who can achieve exclusive solutions.

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NetSuite Solutions for large, midsized and small, fast-growing businesses.





Engineering Lifelong Customer Success with NetSuite.



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Replacing QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, SAP, and other business systems with NetSuite.



Industries We Serve

Each Industry comes with a different set of problems which need a unique set of problem solvers who can achieve exclusive solutions.


Wholesale & Distribution






Professional Services 











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Trading & Logistics






Venues & Hospitality



Food & Beverages



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We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the Prestigious Partner Of the Year Award @ NetSuite SuiteWorld, a global event of NetSuite with over 7000+ attendees and hundreds of partners. CuriousRubik is humbled and honored to win this award, and motivated to continue developing SuiteApps and delivering best in class NetSuite services globally.