Story Behind CuriousRubik


Designers. Developers. Puzzle Solvers.

We Innovate

The nucleus of our team comprises of resources which create a field of innovation around us. The serendipity called ‘CuriousRubik’ happened while providing solutions to problems and hence stepping into more and more complex quadrants of business solutions. We see that every problem is unique and hence needs a unique solution. To make this happen ‘We innovate!’.

At CurioiusRubik, we believe curiosity is a major driving force behind how we design, think and develop that the world needs. Our processes, investments and attention to details in our brand are supported by an intense global search for idiosyncratic opportunities. The names resembles imaginative, brilliant and enthusiastic talents focused on creativity, quality and respect for foreseeing the future.


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#01 Be Adaptive. People Driven Approach

People and their relationship with technology is the only reason we're here. We take a people-first approach across the board, because it's more important to speak for humans than for search engines. Your users are our users, and giving them an awesome experience is our goal.



#02 Think Big. Act In Detail 

We're a close-knit team of like-minded people, striving for quality over growth. Our structure is entirely flat, and we don't fill non-production roles – everyone is expected to collaborate directly with clients and work towards ambitious outcomes together.



#03 Quality. A Culture For Our Teams 

We do our best by keeping it in the family. We're proudly 100% independent and entirely in-house, combining our creative talent with a comprehensive technical background to bring any project to life, no matter what the challenge.



#04 Innovate & Experiment

We encourage an open culture of innovation, sharing and creativity. We're constantly investigating new technologies and building our own products — for knowledge, the community and often just for fun.



#05 Continious Learning. 

We work with clients to find the best fit, often incorporating aspects of agile, waterfall and everything in between. We don't follow a strict methodology. We do what works.