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At CuriousRubik, we combine our understanding of enterprises and people with an analytical and structured approach to improve processes with realistic and visible benefits. We are not just another services company. With NetSuite, users from different departments such as sales, accounting, and support access customer information through a single record, eliminating data redundancies and inconsistencies. 

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Global 10 Program

The Global10 is a Curiousrubik initiative, where we take 6 companies per year and consult them to reach new heights with their businesses. We dont just consult here but advice, act and implement the proposed solutions




NetSuite Consulting Services

Our service offerings utilize NetSuite One Methodology and represent our 360-degree focus on every task necessary to ensure that our clients achieve the most business benefits possible. CuriousRubik services are beneficial to organizations just beginning an ERP project as well as those requiring assistance during or after the implementation process. Because we are technology-agnostic consulting team and well-versed in all of the major ERP systems, our expertise can be applied to any ERP engagement.


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Transform Your Business With NetSuite

Competitive pressures, increased customer expectations, and globalized markets require a strategic response that lets you address today’s challenges and benefit from the many new opportunities. CuriousRubik uses digital technologies and innovation to help companies like yours re-envision their business so you can become high-performing organizations that deliver the best possible value for your customers. We help you transform your business for sustainable success.

There is no denying that ERP & CRM implementation projects can be a complex and sizeable undertaking, but with the right methodology and support, you can minimise the risks. CuriousRubik implementation methodology is built on years of experience and best practises. In more than 100's of implementations, it has been proven a simple, efficient and powerful methodology for implementation, upgrades and enhancements to implementing NetSuite.

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