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From Idea To Final Product - Making A Reality

Today mobile plays a crucial role in every business. This has become a need for every user and department. We at CuriousRubik have been focusing on app development to create innovative, user-centered experiences for businesses. No matter the industry, device, goal or platform, for us people are the most important. That's why we are motivated to improve the experience with mobile apps by designing and building meaningful connections between companies and their consumers. At CuriousRubik, design thinking is key principle at every aspect of our app development and processes. We are an ambitious bunch of creatives who simply want to make a difference with our works.



You Mobile Idea - Understanding You

The first step of this immersive journey starts with a dive into your vision. As your team of second time founders, we want to know your project from head to toe. We explore the environment in which your new product, service or experience will live. Together with you, we investigate the strategic goals, ambitions and desired outcome. We prototype business ideas to find breakthrough offerings that will inspire all stakeholders and customers. Then we will help you choose the core features you need to get things done and launch the MVP asap.

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User & Stakeholder Interviews

Through interviewing users and stakeholders we explore existing needs and potential opportunities. We gain a thorough understanding of users, and their underlying views and beliefs. We can conduct interviews ourselves or through our independent partners.


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UI/UX Design Process 

With the scope closed in the previous step the product phase starts immediately. As a team, you are the driver and we are the experts developing the product design in 2 simple steps: UX wireframes, UI mockups. Then you make your revision so we can move to the next phase.





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“Beautiful, creative design, flawlessly executed!”;

We’ve set up a process to ensure we speak the same simple language, talking with our developers is not talking 0s and 1s. The process starts with definition of the tech framework, then we develop the backend structure and as soon as design is closed we start the frontend. After wire-framing and approval of your user interface design our development team will start coding your application.

  • Custom Development
  • Native Platform Coding
  • NetSuite ERP & CRM / Database Connectivity
  • 3rd Party API Integration
At this phase of mobile app creation, our iOS/Android developers think over the architecture of the app, write the code, integrate functionality to created UI, edit source code, debug and finally export the app to the App Stores. Also, writing unit tests and running integration testing are relevant steps in this phase. 
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