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NetSuite Implementation Experience

Our unique approach to NetSuite ERP implementations with years of technical and business know-how has resulted in truly scalable and efficient solutions to our clients. We have helped hundreds of organizations streamline operations across their departments and users thereby providing our clients with the real-time visibility they need to make better, faster decisions and leading to efficiencies that flow directly to the bottom line.

But most important of all, we focus on business processes and adding value using NetSuite rather than on technology and whitepapers dealing with what theoretically could be possible. Mentioned below is a glimpse of our experience on NetSuite categorized by industries, geographies, portals, integrations etc

Software / Internet Companies

NetSuite meets the specific financial management needs of software companies with sophisticated revenue recognition, recurring revenue management and renewals management capabilities.

  • Trust the foundation powering today's fastest growing companies from startup to IPO and beyond.
  • Increase finance efficiency and accuracy through automation of key business processes.
  • A solution that fosters innovation within your organization. Easy to use and accessible anytime, anywhere.




Link every step of a multi-channel, multi-location retail business—from ecommerce, POS and order management to marketing, inventory, financials and customer support.

  • Deliver across web, mobile, in-store and call-center channels in a single platform.
  • Differentiate your brand and shopping experience with a cloud-based platform built for the modern business.
  • Build your retail enterprise around your customers not channels.

Wholesale Distribution

Get one powerful application to run your entire distribution business, while also dramatically cutting your distribution software, IT procurement and overhead.

  • Shatter your limitations with the game-changing solution built specifically for distributors.
  • Meet your customers everywhere through the power of omnichannel commerce.
  • Leapfrog your competitors with technologies built for 21st century businesses.




Integrate your manufacturing and business processes—including work orders, assembly, BOM and demand-based replenishment—for leaner manufacturing.

  • Manage all your product data in one place, simplify the design process and reduce time to market for new products.
  • NetSuite's cloud business management solutions provide the foundation manufacturing companies need to streamline critical business process.
  • NetSuite OneWorld helps manufacturing companies streamline multisubsidiary operations and provides real-time visibility at the local, regional and corporate levels. 

Professional Services

Our professional services automation (PSA) and services resource planning (SRP) solutions offer project and resource management for services organizations of all sizes and industries.

  • Services Businesses Run Better on NetSuite.
  • Automate, streamline and increase project margins and profitability with the most advanced, 100% cloud-based PSA system.
  • NetSuite gives professional services companies a single repository of customer interaction enabling superior service quality with a complete 360-degree customer view.



Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies

Automate agency workflow and assess account and project profitability with our project & resource management, time and expense, and ERP solutions. Even integrate with DoubleClick for tracking.

  • Maintain Your Creative Culture. Streamline Agency Workflows and Gain Insight to Client and Project-Based Accounting.
  • Use NetSuite resource management to identify available resources and particular skills—and effectively staff your project at the right margin.
  • Gain real-time insight to make data-driven decisions on performance through role-based dashboards and KPIs.

IT Services

Increase profitability despite downward pressures through the 360 degree business view NetSuite's ERP and project management solutions offer. See important metrics on custom dashboards.

  • Identify and assign the best resources. Match the right skills to the right project.
  • Global and competitive nature of the business raising the pressure you face to maintain billing rates without compromising utilization.
  • NetSuite's ERP and PSA software can give you a real-time view into opportunities, resources and financials that will deliver service engagements that maximize profitability.



Media and Publishing

Unify business processes across your entire media/publishing business, from lead to insertion order through to invoicing, and increase your visibility into company performance.

  • Execute sales campaigns within the system and easily measure results.
  • Manage both aspects of sales: selling insertion orders to advertisers and subscriptions to your readership.
  • Track advertisements from insertion order through fulfillment and verification, then automatically generate invoices per customized billing schedules.
  • Integrate with other solutions you use to drive your business, such as DoubleClick, OpenAds and other verification servers.

Financial Services

Leverage a solution designed to meet increasing regulatory compliance demands, ensure high levels of operational controls, and manage your global operations and multi-subsidiary locations with ease and efficiency.

  • Improve business agility, respond quickly to regulatory and market changes and meet evolving customer needs head on.
  • Manage risk and track performance with fully auditable business processes and enterprise analytics.
  • Modernize your systems to increase speed to market and accelerate growth.




People are your biggest asset and largest expense. Enable your global, on-the-go workforce to be productive anywhere with NetSuite’s financial and resource / project management solutions.

  • Increase Billable Hours and Profitability with Integrated ERP and Professional Services Automation (PSA)
  • Allocate the right skills to the right project while minimizing bench time.
  • Benchmark projects with dashboards, identifying profitable teams and budgeted versus billed time.
  • NetSuite can minimize administrative tasks for consulting firms while gaining valuable insights to improve realization rates, project profitability and client satisfaction.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Access the technology to stay current, without prohibitive costs typically associated with the hardware, software, maintenance and upgrades. Get complete visibility across functions, departments and geographies.

  • Adapt to the Changing Healthcare Landscape. Reduce Complexity, Lower Costs, and Improve Visibility Across Locations.
  • Configure processes, workflows, and reporting and information needs unique to your industry—then easily make future adjustments as required.
  • NetSuite simplifies and facilitates compliance by supporting internal controls and providing accurate, real-time reporting with a complete set of audit trails.
  • Gain a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers and deliver better customer and partner service thanks to NetSuite's unified CRM solution.













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CuriousRubik Gauranteed Ingredients In Our Services

Innovative Solutions

When we address our customers’ business problems, we develop new approaches to reach positive outcomes. Our team members suggest ideas for continuous improvement—and seek ways to optimize results.offering, and the form header closes the deal.


Innovative Solutions

When we address our customers’ business problems, we develop new approaches to reach positive outcomes. Our team members suggest ideas for continuous improvement—and seek ways to optimize results.offering, and the form header closes the deal.


Communication & Collaboration

Since we partner with team members and customers on solutions, we ensure everyone is aware of status updates. We communicate with customers and team members in a positive, timely, and professional way.


Integrity & Transperancy

With honesty, fairness, and authenticity, we’re direct and maintain transparency. We follow up and meet our commitments, and, when needed, we communicate to reset deadlines.


Service Excellance

As we listen, understand, and respond timely and effectively to our customers’ needs, we’re committed to delivering value and leaving a lasting, positive memory.offering, and the form header closes the deal.


Innovative Solutions

When we address our customers’ business problems, we develop new approaches to reach positive outcomes. Our team members suggest ideas for continuous improvement—and seek ways to optimize results.offering, and the form header closes the deal.