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Like Our Name ? - Here Is The Story Behind CuriousRubik

Creativity starts with Curiousity, Curiousity starts with viewing the World differently. “ Simply, CuriousRubik is dedicated to uncovering ideas through creativity and curiosity—in both thinking and implementation. Rubik add a dimensions to our multi thinking attitude. Hence CuriousRubik. Our DNA is made up of some key components like technology, creativity, digital, project management and fresh ideas.

At CurioiusRubik, we believe curiosity is a major driving force behind how we design, think and develop that the world needs. Our processes, investments and attention to details in our brand are supported by an intense global search for idiosyncratic opportunities. The names resembles imaginative, brilliant and enthusiastic talents focused on creativity, quality and respect for foreseeing the future.

We are moved by only one objective… to bring tailored-made consulting and technology solutions which meet up with our customers’ expectations. While others may be confused, CuriousRubik exhibit clarity. While others are constrained, CuriousRubik is flexible. While others chase fads, CuriousRubik discover trends.While others see adversity, CuriousRubik uncover opportunities.We are an unique business consulting firm working with select clients who subscribe to our unique approach. We view the world differently and with curiosity, and this makes all the difference. Every once in a while our work makes other say woohaaaa”.

Our Vision 

CuriousRubik has created an ambitious and ground breaking vision that sets us apart and sets us ahead of today competitive market. We have set forth to associate with business enterprises as a consulting partner to solve their business problems with technology solutions. Our universe stands together with the power of curiosity, innovation and discovery juxtaposing elements of business and technology. We believe that our values, team and spirit assemble to share a memorable and measurable experience for our associates.


Our Work 

We work closely with our customers to discover their goals and aspirations and identify the right path to implement successful ERP, CRM & Commerce systems. Our wide range of NetSuite skills combined with a straight talking and honest approach strengthen our delivery whilst encouraging collaboration between your team and ours.

With bases in both New York, Singapore, Sydney and other countries in APAC, we work with a diverse range of businesses all over the world to meet and often exceed expectations. We takes immense pride not only in our NetSuite solution design, creative and technical works we produce, but also in our swift response time and exceptional customer service. We love solving complex problems and identifying great design and thrive on the enthusiasm of the businesses we work with on a daily basis. If your business is ready for a new kind of thinking or you wanted to take your business to next level of automation please do get in touch!


Our Design Thinking 

Design is at the core of what we do. Todays complex problems can only be solved by creative solution designs and innovative thought process. We sketch and illustrate our initial thoughts about your business, processes, users, departments and goals etc. We live and breathe solution design and draw inspiration from our vast experiences, cultures and surroundings. Through our expert NetSuite knowledge, we design and create original work with heart, soul, integrity and most importantly - originality.

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How We Work

We believe in providing simple, honest advice and easy to understand information. We work with you throughout your project to ensure we fully understand your requirements and business goals. Our ability to rapidly scale and provide services that meets the needs and expectations of our clients is something we really pride ourselves on. Our hunger to impact your business matches our capacity to solve your toughest challenges. We drive growth through upstream business planning and a broad category expertise, leading to meaningful insights that are actionable for your company.


Our Brand Values 

Our brand and passion challenges ourselves every day to raise the bar with better, braver and edgier work, across ERP, CRM, Automation, AI, IOT and much more executed with attention to detail and commitment to deliver. From the talent we attract and the internal culture we cultivate with our partnerships and clients, we put our trust in our talent, experience of our people and our energy into enjoying every single collaboration.

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